Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sweet Silence

He's all that she wanted
All that she craved
Her dream come true...
Those were the days

People all around
watching and waiting
Time is passing..
There is no other sound

How clever his mind works
Whenever he's alone..

He arrives home late
And thinks she doesn't know about the things he does.
The things he doesn't show.

He sneeks around at night
and she smells something sweet..

She knows he has betrayed her and will not be deceived

There is this power of hers
that he did not know...
She is not like the others
But in time it will show

A tragic accident leaves her in desperate need
And this boy stands watching her...
He just leaves her to bleed

People all around
Watching and waiting
Time passes...
There is no other sound

Tears are streaming down their faces
She thinks to herself "What could be so sad?"
That boy is there standing
Grinning so intently
It's a funeral... for me?

She feels nothing
She's weightless
She looks around at all of their faces

Laying so still
Going six feet under
Is there life among the dead?
She is falling forever

Not a sound in the night
With the full moon shinning bright
Awakening now... she opens her eyes

Coming to realize, it's me who has gone

So slowly climbing out
It's not even heard to breathe
This is her chance
She thinks to herself "I must get my revenge"

He had no clue
What a women, set on revenge and torment.. can really do

It is after midnight and she walks past the grave
Down the street
Past the market
Standing outside his door
Thinkin of ways to be cruel.

It doesn't take long..
for her to see what she wants to do

She curses the land he walks upon
Curses his home in which he belongs
Pray's the devil for his soul to take
Before crawling back down... in her grave

People all around
Watching and waiting
Time has passed...
There is no other sound...

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